Vertical blinds

» We have the largest selection of blinds and curtains «

Vertical blinds are the perfect way to cover the windows. Vertical strips are made of PVC material or different light transmission material.

This solution adopted in the offices, is appreciated by customers. Vertical blinds popularity also stems from the fact that they are produced in many colors and designs.

We offer a wide selection of materials and colors. We offer our own products, as well as we distribute most of the fabrics available in the Polish market.

We invite you to look at samples of materials, vertical blinds in our office in Gliwice.

» Clients

» Every customer is important to us. Therefore, with
equal diligence we serve individual customers  and
corporate clients. We've been on market since 1991 «

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» Sales Specialist. We are looking for ambitious,
well-organized and responsible, with a minimum
of two years experience in the industry «

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