Textile blinds

» We have the largest selection of blinds and curtains «

Textile blinds are made of various, also smooth and transparent, materials, in variety of colours. We have two types of textile blinds. We divide them depending on how the assembly: textile blinds fitted to windows and the other hung on the windows on the special bracket without interfering in their structure.

We also have a wide range of decorative finishes for textile blinds, allowing them to adjust to the room climate in which they are hanged. 

We have our own production of textile blinds and a variety of brands on the market.

We invite all customers to our office in Gliwice, or please, contact us by phone, to arrange a meeting. Our wide range certainly satisfies the most sophisticated tastes.

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» Every customer is important to us. Therefore, with
equal diligence we serve individual customers  and
corporate clients. We've been on market since 1991 «

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» Sales Specialist. We are looking for ambitious,
well-organized and responsible, with a minimum
of two years experience in the industry «

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