Aluminum blinds

» We have the largest selection of blinds and curtains «

Aluminum blinds are very popular among our customers. Affordability and wide selection of colors are factors that determine sales. Aluminum blinds are used mainly to regulate the amount of light that enters and also to protect against heat.

Available in over 50 colors, they are suitable for installation in all types of roof windows. We invite you to view samples of aluminum blinds in our office in Gliwice.

Used correctly will serve for many years. Available in three widths of slats 16 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm. 


You can also order aluminum blinds with wood trimmings. Aluminum blinds can also be used for interior space, for example by mounting them on the ceiling or wall.

Thanks to low costs , we can often get new ones and adapt them easily to the actual color of the walls or furniture.

Extremely durable, widely used in office buildings and industrial places.

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equal diligence we serve individual customers  and
corporate clients. We've been on market since 1991 «

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well-organized and responsible, with a minimum
of two years experience in the industry «

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